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Is Redmi Note 11 Worth Buying?

If you are confused about the purchase of Redmi note 11 and you have been struggling to find some piece of advice which would make your decision easier then you have come to the right place because we are about to discuss all the good things that make it a really viable option for you, the price it is available for and the specifications you get with this amazing smart phone makes it one of the better options and it is great value for money, there are a few very specific that I need in a smart phone and when you are buying on a budget all of these are not there but somehow Redmi note 11 is that smartphone which covers most of what we want in a budget.

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90Hz AMOLED Display is exactly the thing that attracted me most and it is one of the best when compared to some other options in similar price range, this is what you get when you buy a Redmi note 11, a bright screen with 90 Hz AMOLED display, then when you play games on it, It never betray you because as we have already discussed it display then it has a great battery life, it is solid to say the least, and for people like me who really want our smart phones to be our gaming machines when we don’t have a pc or a console it is essential that it has a good battery life, and it is one options which does have that, another really important thing that makes it a good buy is a solid 3.5mm audio jack.

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